Michelle Trejo, BST Physical Therapist

Regular food fills your stomach, but it doesn't make you feel satisfied. But when you eat Back-2-LIve food, your tummy feels yummy. It feels full and complete but not over-worked or stuffed. The 14-Day Back-2-Live Detox experience was been enlightening. As I fully understand the physical aspect to healthy living in regards to exercise, I would say my knowledge has been expanded to fully see how important the nutritional aspect is to the complete equation. Chef India has taught me that.

Shane Roberts, Owner Frugivore.com, USA

I can't say enough about Chef India. After struggling with my weight as a result of personal tragedy, I was in need of a detox. A caring friend put me in contact with India. India's easy-going, yet veracious personality put me at ease, confirming I'd be working with a true professional. After doing her 7-day detox, I hired her to cater several holiday events. Nothing was more spectacular than the spread for the Academy Awards party. I thoroughly enjoyed the detox and Chef India's living creations. You should treat yourself.


Tina Hollingsworth-Bridgewater, Illinois USA

I am in the process of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. The customized meal plan from Back-2-Live is excellent and was instrumental in helping me to reach my healthy lifestyle goals.  I'm on my way to a better healthier me, and the recipes are delicious. I am grateful for the wisdom, knowledge and care India put into preparing this well thought-out program. 

Jenny Wickham, Online Meal Plan Customer, Austrailia,

I have been following a Live Raw diet and 80/10/10 lifestyle. Which, for someone like me who is recovering a serious disease, and had been plagued with digestive disorders like dysbiosis, ulcerative colitis, bloating and constipation, just wasn’t making me feel balanced.

Since consulting with Chef India and having an individualized program made up specific to my needs, I have not felt so balanced in years. Not to mention the amazing and tasty recipes provided, and the recipe book that you can purchase from the website among other things.

I highly recommend their service to get you back on track. Whether it be just to lose a few pounds, detox or a health condition.


Alexis Tarah Moser, Los Angeles, California

My husband and I completed the 21-day detox with India. We loved it. India took her time to complete and in-depth health analysis as part of our consultation. Through her program, we saw noticeable changes in our skin and energy levels. And our health ailments were ELIMINATED. 

During the program, we both lost 20-25 pounds. Since then, my husband lost an additional 40 pounds. We never felt hungry, even when juice fasting. My program India created included workout recommendations and meditation, which I needed at that time in my life. I was juggling being a mother, wife, student and working full time. India reminded me that I am important too and that I must first be present for self.

Lastly, as a family, we connected with Chef India on a deep, spiritual level. When I began the detox, I did not expect my soul to open the way it did. I highly recommend India's services to any and everyone.


Nicole Salazar, Belize City

What an enlightening and fulfilling experience this has been for me! I came to Chef India in January feeling very lethargic and having a constant headache, which was ongoing for several months. I had decided to try her detox program with the expectation of feeling better immediately.

Little did I know, eliminating can be uncomfortable. Chef India assisted me in staying grounded during the tough elimination. However after the elimination occurred, I felt it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had tons of energy and felt rejuvenated and renewed. It was the start of a new beginning for me. I knew then what I needed to do to heal my body of any illnesses. Recently, I completed my second detox and the experience was even more fulfilling than the last. I was, and still am feeling naturally high like I have been injected with a dose of Joy and painless existence. I am a lifetime client and believer in Chef India. I have so much gratitude for her educating me on this new way of life.

Elsie Benavidez, Branch Manager, Belize City

Our team was inspired to do the detox after Chef India did a short lecture at Scotia Bank for a Women’s Day session. Coming to work every day, you hear your peers speak negatively about their diet and how it’s affecting their health. When India came and did a lecture, I thought it was very important for us as a team to do something about our health. Then, I thought about myself and how a detox could help me because I was ailing from pain in both my knees, and I felt I was getting heavier. After learning more about the detox services Back-2-Live offers, I knew that both me and my team could benefit from the program. 

It was a very enlightening experience for everyone who participated. I got a better understanding of what’s good for me and the real harm that the bad food does to the body.

I highly recommend a group detox for businesses because people start coming to work feeling lighter, energetic and just plain better about themselves, which uplifts moral in the workplace.