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I’ve been given the opportunity and inspired will to heal many trauma imprints that were left with me as the result of experiences. I accept the charge given unto I to share my perspective on how to heal trauma in the 21st technological century through living foods, living total consumption and a conscious lifestyle.

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Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, First Lady of Belize

I thoroughly enjoyed my raw-food journey with Chef India. Her enthusiasm, creativity and love of raw foods and  healthy living are contagious. India's dedication in preparing and presenting her creations are a gastronome's dream. The approach she takes manifests as a mouthful of delicious flavors. I must confess, it's been an enlightening journey. I now love Raw Foods.

Carol Foster, Discovery Channel Documentary Film Maker, Belize 

All the foods on India's 45 day program were delicious. I had constipation for years and doctors put me on laxatives that destroyed my intestinal lining, causing leaky gut syndrome. When I got on India's program everything started to heal. Contacting Chief India and doing her live vegan foods program was the best thing I did in my life.

Babette Davis, Celebrity Vegan Chef, Inglewood, CA

India Camiel is extremely creative. We hired India as a Live Food Consultant because we wanted to implement more of a variety of living foods into our menu. The dishes she created for Stuff I Eat were a success with our customers. It seems as if India thrives off the challenge of making living foods taste and feel like something we're used to pulling off a stove.‚Äč

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Besides being a chef, India Camiel also is a journalist. With the blog, LIVE LOVE LIFE, she shares her love of writing, passion for living healthy and curious nature to present you with educating, informative and entertaining blog post. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LATEST ARTICLE. 

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