A Mission Beyond Self Glorification:

I am a living foodist. At least 95% of the time I only consume uncooked hydrating plant-based meals that allow my goody (body) to rejuvenate and thus allows my mental and emotional being and spiritual essence to vibrate in full authenticity and truth with self.

I’ve been given the opportunity and inspired will to heal many trauma imprints that were left with me as the result of experiences, like so many people, I had no control over, as well as the consequences of living unaware and unconscious within the Western paradigm for many years. I now accept the charge given unto I to share my perspective on how to heal trauma in the 21st technological century through living foods, living total consumption and a conscious lifestyle.

OH - I LOVE TO PREPARE FOODS. From I was a child, the kitchen and I were inseparable. Don't ask me what I was making back then because, hunny child all I can remember was that my tastebuds were rarely disappointed. In fact, not more than 30-days after earning my B.A. in English Lit, was I looking to enroll in culinary school. And I did neglect to mention I was the cookout queen in college. -- Smiles. All this to say, I love to throw down in the kitchen. The joy of cooking transferred right over into the joy of creating living foods. And I love the way I feel after eating one of my own meals.


Evolved Healing Lifestyle Practices:

Most people beginning a healing journey in this time have abused their “goodies” (bodies) to an extent where the corporal system is in a constant crises state. Because of this very real fact, most authentic, ever-evolved healing must begin with detoxing the physical structure. Most everyone has a different definition of healing and what it entails or even consists of. How do we know when we’ve healed? Through my experiences in life’s journey thus far, I’ve come to define what evolving healing means to me by the various levels of inner peace and harmony I feel in any given situation, at any given moment in time. Of course what I consume on all levels will affect this peace. So, thus I teach and share with others.

It’s just that simple.

In relation to this very simplistic definition, I wholeheartedly know that we are indeed what we absorb and consume in totality. I also wholeheartedly know that hydration is life and is represented in states of order. And dehydration is death and represented in states of disorder. Because of this, healing through consuming living, plant-based foods ultimately allows us access to better tools in re-organizing our selves, our lives, our mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual and physical beings to better express the bliss states of peace and a “Christ” consciousness.


The Credentials:

Aside from choosing to eat 95% plant-based living foods for the past 12 years, I hold certifications as Gourmet Living Foods Chef, Detoxification Specialist and Special Nutritionist. That’s the paperwork. I’ve also understudied with Dr. Aris Latham — The Godfather of Gourmet Living Foods in America, according to the Encyclopedia of Food & Wine in America. I opened the first all living, vegan cafe in the country of Belize in 2012, operated a juice and smoothie bar and successfully detoxed hundreds of clients, mostly melanated kinfolks with plant-based living foods and juices.

I also am a writer. In fact, writing is what I went to UCSB for. I hold a BA in English Literature and an AA in Print and Multi Media Journalism. I spent nearly 7 years working in the capacity of reporter, editor and freelance arts reviewer.


In Conclusion:

In initiating healing through consuming plant-based living foods, we begin a life-long process, that if genuinely done, leads us back to what i call natural thinking, natural being, where life over all else is valued. I am simply here to share a wholistic approach to healing, returning to an evolved natural state of existence, which has worked for me. I have found that eating living plant-based foods have opened the space for me to heal emotionally and clear mentally. Now life is enjoyable. It’s always how I wanted to experience it, but doubted I could — full of LIFE. It’s so crucial that I share my journey through Back2live by Chef India as my unique experiences and individual journey I have traveled will no doubt prove helpful for others who are seeking evolved natural states of existence — PEACE.

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